Our Mission

Education is Critical

  The best way to combat addiction is to stop it before it starts. Education is a critical part of prevention. OAP is focused on educating children, youth and adults.   

The Message

  There is an overriding message that OAP delivers. Choices have consequences. OAP delivers a blunt, straight to the point presentation about choosing the behaviors that lead to addiction and the consequences of that addiction.   

Age Appropriate

  OAP presents to different age groups. While OAP is open and honest about the choices and consequence of addicts, OAP keeps its presentations age appropriate.    


We are Here to Help

   Navigating the resources available for addicts and their families can at times be overwhelming. Many people don’t know what resources are available or how to access them. OAP has been working with many of these resources for years and is here to help answer questions, contact resources and offer support.   


The Beginning

   Intervention is often a critical first step on an addict’s road to recovery. OAP is here to guide the family and the addict through this process.